The Crew

Adventure Queenstown Hostel Staff Collection

 Jason (1)
Jason – The Canadian

Our second staff member to hail from London, Ontario, this upbeat Canadian is our go-to reception extraordinaire. Perpetually happy and upbeat, he’s on a mission to see as much of the world as possible for the next five years. He still thinks he’ll be going back to Canada at the end of his world tour, but we’re really not so sure.

Likes: Everything sports, His “pile”, Hiding in his man-cave, Thai food, Frisbee golf.

Dislikes: Grumpy people, Mornings.

 Fraser Edit
Fraser – The Old Man

Our IT and film guru, Fraser likes to claim he won’t do some of the more crazy adrenaline activities in Queenstown, but in the end he always does. You can most often find him watching a film in the lounge, enjoying a brew in the dining room, or perfecting his grilling technique on the balcony.

Likes: Junk food, Beer, Hayao Miyazaki (a film director apparently).

Dislikes: Whisky, Heights.

Nadine – Ze German

On the verge of heading home from Sydney, we convinced Nadine to keep the dream alive and head back to New Zealand to join the team at AQ. Always ready to lend a hand and with a perpetual smile on her face, it’s impossible to not be won over by our endearing German expat.

Likes: Still to come…

Dislikes: Still to come…

Melanie – Mel

After a couple of years staying at AQ during a winter holiday, our loveable Aussie decided it was time to do a proper ski season. A self professed clean freak, don’t let her housekeeping skills fool you, this girl is always up for some shenanigans. I you’re lucky enough to attend one of her Jedi Quiz Nights you’ll know exactly what I mean. Mic drop*

Likes: Still to come…

Dislikes: Still to come…

 Mr Claus – Less a guard dog and more a player with the ladies!

It was like this:  We get a whole ham on the bone for our Xmas in June, however it disappeared.  Soon after, a ransom note is delivered demanding a hostel puppy for the safe return of the ham.  After a lack of negotiation and Xmas rapidly approaching, we have no choice to give in and get a hostel puppy.  The ham was returned safely and we all had a great Xmas meal.  Mr. Claus is our guardian, not because he is so fierce but because everyone loves him!

Likes: Cuddles with the girls.

Dislikes: Being ignored, the arrival of Bear.

Bear – Actually… he has a new name every day!

Mr Claus got bored with all the girls, so we got him a friend.  Being 5 foot tall, Big Bear is actually bigger than many guests!  He will answer to any name as we change it every day. He’s so popular he needs to go ‘home’ every night as guests can’t be trusted keep their hands to themselves after a few drinks and our new friend is sweet and innocent.

Likes:  Looking hungover most days, lying around the lounge area, mornings, Mr Claus.

Dislikes: Having to be put away at night, tequila.

Lisa – Beatles Fanatic

The heart and soul of the hostel, Lisa’s been part of the AQ family since starting out as a seasonal worker in 2012 to now being Manager of AQ2! Originally from London, (the Canadian one) four years ago she expanded our hostel family when she had baby Molly, our littlest crew member! But this mama’s still cool: talk to her about anything from skydiving, to road-tripping, to Bob Dylan or The Beatles, and we think you’ll agree.

Likes: Music from before 1975, Molly, Hockey and Sleep.

Dislikes: Music after 1975, Day care costs and The Maple Leafs being so terrible for so long!

Brett – Snowboarder/Travel Buff/Occasional Chef

Having visited 60+ different countries around the world, and stayed in 100+ hostels… and counting, Brett knows exactly what backpackers want in a good hostel. He has lived in Australia and England as well as New Zealand, and brings a wealth of experience in understanding what intrepid travellers want in a short stay. An avid snowboarder with a love of sport, music and the outdoors, he’s always planning the next adventure.

Likes: His snowboards, Vinyl collection, Bluebird days, Fine wine, Being grumpy.

Dislikes: Crap snow, Crap wine, Mornings, Feeling irritable, Modern R&B & pop music.

Dan – AmeriDan

Manager Dan is constantly buzzing around the hostel, fixing anything in sight, a stickler when it comes to attention to detail. In his free time, you’ll mainly spot him in the dining room, perfecting his DJ skills and catching up on his favorite TV shows. A comedy connoisseur, the best way to hear Dan giggle like a small child is to arrive armed with a really bad pun.

Likes: Good coffee, Dance music, New TV shows to binge watch, Road trips, Ticking items off the bucket list.

Dislikes: Instant coffee, Mornings, Clutter, Lo-fi audio.